About Newhope

Let's face it.  You don't need another "thing" just to fill space in your week.  Your time is valuable, so you want to fill your life with the "real stuff".   The things that matter.   The things that bring life.

We couldn't agree more.

Most of us are looking for the same "real stuff".  A place to belong and heal, a hope to anchor us when life gets wild, and a mission to get behind.  The good news is that we can experience these things when we pursue Jesus together.  We can, as it says in the Bible, "...take hold of the life that is truly life."

Presenting Hope

Our hope for people, families, marriages, and cities is unshakable, because our hope is firmly rooted in Jesus, the only one who conquered death. As a result, we are compelled to present the enduring Hope of Jesus at every opportunity.

Developing People

Everyone has a story: passions, interests, experiences and pain. When all of those elements intersect and are surrendered to Jesus they bloom into something special. We are committed to helping people come alive as they realize the purpose the they were created for.

Every Generation:

From kids to seniors, and every where in between, everyone has a part to play in the story that God is writing at Newhope.  Across all of our campuses, we intentionally create dynamic environments for every age group.  Collectively, we lean on the energy and innovation of younger generations as we lean into the wisdom and experience of older generations.  

Arrows Out

We're not interested in just making good churches.  We are compelled to help foster vibrant communities and healthy cities across our region. We love our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and local governments and are committed to seeing them flourish. By working alongside local and global partners, we aim to be a force for good, both across the street and around the world.